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King Cake Dip from the Fest Diva of Get Holiday Happy! 0

Felicia Ramos-Peters is our very own “Fest-Diva” this year for Mardi Gras, as she has posted a video on YouTube showing us all how to make a delicious King Cake Dip, while wearing one of the purple dresses from our Mardi Gras fashion collection.


Watch the video by Felicia Ramos-Peters to learn how to mix up this magical treat!

Mardi Gras Celebration Clothes

Felicia is wearing our newest purple party dress: Women’s Purple Mardi Gras Party Criss Cross Dress With Built In Choker. And it has pockets! YAAS GIRL! Check out the rest of our fun and festive collection for yourself.

King Cake Dip Recipe

You don’t have to be in New Orleans to celebrate! King Cake is a long-time traditional treat for celebrating Mardi Gras. So, why not put a simplified, yet tasty spin to it?  

Here are the ingredients you will need:

-1 (8 oz) container of Cool Whip

-8 oz of cream cheese softened

-1/4 cup of brown sugar

-2 tsp of ground cinnamon

-1 tsp of vanilla extract

-purple, green and yellow sprinkles

To make King Cake Dip, beat the cream cheese, brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract in a bowl. Then, fold in the thawed Cool Whip until combined.

Pour the mixture in a festive serving bowl. Next, create three rows of sprinkles on top of the dip, using purple, yellow, and green colored sprinkles.

Store in the fridge until ready to serve. Enjoy with vanilla wafer cookies or graham crackers.

Easy as that! Now time to grab our purple Mardi gras dress and let the good times roll!!!!!!

Happy Mardi Gras!

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Hangout Music Festival 2016 Recap

Hangout Music Festival 2016 Recap 0

An eight-hour trip down the 85 through the nothingness of Alabama is nothing short of a bore.  From Greenville, South Carolina to Gulf Shores, you hit one major city, Atlanta (the WORST major southern city to drive through) and one sort of city, Montgomery (known for it’s plethora of police on motorbikes).  However, this 16+ hour round trip drive through the boonies of Georgia and Alabama is completely and totally worth it because of the indescribable experience you are going to have at Hangout Music Festival. When you arrive in Gulf Shores, I guarantee you will question yourself like, “Where am I? What is this place? What is there to do here?”… It’s true; Gulf Shores is a small, Podunk beach town in Nowhere, Alabama; nevertheless, this tiny town is going to become your best friend and favorite summer destination within three short days. Take a left on Perdido Beach Boulevard, drive five miles into more nothingness, FINALLY, there is our condo.  (pro tip #1: always book in advance so you can get closer to the venue.  If you’re a last minute booker like my group was, at least view the distance from your condo to the nearest shuttle station before you book it so you are not walking very far in the 90 degree, humid Alabama heat.) We unpack and hit the beach to soak in the few hours left of the sunshine. 19056970502_6187f324e2_o   Friday May 20th, Hangout Fest day one : Noon. Recommended outfit : Gals- jean shorts, bathing suit, Chacos (or in my case, barefoot), face jewels, sunglasses. Kandi. Guys- swim trunks, Hawaiian shirt, Chacos, Kandi. items to shove in your backpack, fanny pack or Camelbak : WATER, sunscreen, small towel or bandana, GoPro, granola bar, cash, ID (if you are 21 and want a cold beverage), hand sanitizer, phone, portable charger, gum. Thunder roars and lightning flashes through the sky.  The fourteen of us hang around the living room tables with the balcony door open, patiently waiting for sights of sunlight.  We are constantly checking our Hangout Fest App (*a must have*) for new set times (props to their team for keeping us super updated).  The minutes tick by.  Minutes become hours. Suddenly, writing appears on the home page of the app, “Hangout Fest gates open at 3pm!!” My heart beats out of my chest as I shout at everyone to get all their stuff ready, because it was already 2:30.  We race through our small condo gathering everything we need for a long night of music and dancing. The shuttle line is not too long, and we can see it in the distance (pro tip #2:  buy the shuttle pass! –unless you are in walking distance. $50 may seem like a lot of money, but parking near the venue is limited and cabs can be outrageous and hard to find). We arrive at the gates to find a lengthy entrance line, but surprisingly, it moves quickly.  Security at Hangout Fest is stricter than any other fest I’ve been to.  They check carefully and thoroughly, and they even have people on hotel rooftops looking for those not so clever guys who shove baggies in their pants.  (Pro tip #3: This is not me encouraging drug use—if you are bringing anything illegal, hide it before you get there and hide it well.  Alabama police do not play around.) I scan my wristband at the front of the line while looking completely through the security guard that stands in front of me.  I can see the Ferris Wheel, the white tents, the Drop Tower.  The sand is warm under my feet, and the salty breeze sends odors of delicious food my way.  We made it! Schedule for the day : Hippie Sabotage, Big Grams, Alison Wonderland, Snails, Alabama Shakes, The Chainsmokers. Each set was alive and colorful in its own way. Hippie Sabotage jammed out with their funky sound.  Big Grams took over the stage with “Mrs. Jackson” as the crowd belted the lyrics.  Alison Wonderland and Snails lit up the night with the intense sound of heart pounding EDM.  Alabama Shakes made us dance in the sand with the stars above us.  And The Chainsmokers, my dearest Chainsmokers, surpassed all expectations with their hits like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”. First night done. hangout2   Saturday May 21st, Hangout Day Two : 9am. Recommended outfit : Gals- flowy shorts, bathing suit, funky beach shirt, Chacos (or barefoot), face glitter, extra ponytail holders, sunglasses, Kandi. Guys- swim trunks, graphic tee, hat, Chacos, Kandi. (Pro tip #4: I normally bring a bit more money for Day Two because you will eat two meals and you will have time to shop around at all the tents or ride the rides.) Schedule for the day : Jai Wolf, Stick Figure, Jerry Folk, X Ambassadors, 3LAU, Nahko and Medicine for the People, FOALS, Panic! At the Disco. Same routine of getting up, making breakfast, and hanging out starts a bit early.  Gates open at 10; we’re out of the condo by 10:30.  The entrance line moves quickly as Jai Wolf gathers himself on stage.  We walk in just in time to fill our waters (which must be empty before you get to the entrance gate) get a decent spot, and chill.  “Indian Summer” blows our minds before we move on to the next set. As the day moves on, we grow hotter and sweatier.  Hit the Pandora area—time to get in the ocean. (Pro tip #5:  Watch an act at the Hangout Stage from the water. It’ll be the best thing you ever did. We jammed with X Ambassadors and rode in wave after wave.) Nighttime falls on us, and we’re told that Saturday’s original finale, Calvin Harris, has been in a minor car accident, therefore Panic! will be closing.  Our heads hang in slight sorrow, but we know that Panic! will kill it—and boy, they did. Day Two done. group-on-beach-at-hangout-music-festival Sunday May 22nd, Last day of Hangout : 11am. Recommended outfit : Gals- funny/trippy crop top (for Fetty Wap, of course), jean shorts, Chacos (barefoot), glitter, fun buns. Guys- swim trunks, trippy tshirt or shirtless, sandals. Again, the same routine of getting our exhausted bodies up, making our empty stomachs some food, and jamming out while waiting to leave. Schedule : Fetty Wap, Mayer Hawthorne, Flume, Ellie Goulding, Florence + The Machine. We leave our condo at 3, prepared to watch Fetty Wap do whatever it is he does on stage.  We danced in the day’s heat, and did our best to rap along to “Trap Queen” and “679” (1738, am I right?). Mayer Hawthorne rocked out, Flume led us in an outer body experience, and Ellie made us remember why we loved her song “Burn” so much.  And for a wonderful weekend finale, Florence.  She glided across the stage, barefoot as usual, and encouraged us to love on. Fireworks and the expected, “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynrd left us wanting more than just three short days of wonderful music in Alabama’s sun and sand. Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama was nothing short of a perfect weekend, surrounded by great friends, better music, and endless memories.  Thanks for never disappointing, see you in 2017, HMF. 19080017342_e5a10c5a8b_o Cover Image Background Photo Credit: Shannon McGee (Our Text Was Added To Photo) Life is Good Photo Credit: Shannon McGee Surf Stage Photo Credit: Shannon McGee
Firefly Music Festival Experience 2016

Firefly Music Festival Experience 2016 0

Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware is for all ages and encompasses all genres. The fest brings a lively crowd and an impressive mix of artists. This year was my first Firefly experience and it was everything that I had hoped for and more so I had to put the incredible weekend into words for my all my fellow festival goers! Enjoy! Camping in Premier has the bonus of private performances on Wednesday night. If you are camping, don’t forget to bring portable chargers! I had to admire all of the crazy camp setups at Firefly. They were incredible. There was everything from pop-up tents in truck beds with attached showers to custom made corn hole games. I even found a homemade face-in-a-hole for photos!

firefly music festival experience marble paint

The vendors at Firefly this year were legit. Chacos sandals had 3D vision goggles that put you an immersive environment where you felt as if you were in a different reality. Toyota brought in a company to dip festival goers’ arms in marble paint. Plus, Dark Horse Winery had free wine tastings, air brush tattoos, and an upper level viewing deck of the lawn stage. Not to mention, I stumbled into a Malibu sponsored event with a pop up DJ set and free pina coladas!! SCORE! There are so many great food vendors at Firefly that are reasonably priced with most meals under $10. I tried many different foods while at Firefly including the Peace Love Tacos, a gouda grilled cheese, some pierogis, and a Mediterranean chicken bowl. While wandering, I discovered a rad tequila truck that mixed margaritas on the spot and an air conditioned beer tent with an arcade inside and a DJ spinning tracks.

firefly music festival experience Pavilion stage

My favorite stage was the covered Pavilion stage which hosted the majority of the electronic sets. I couldn’t have been more amazed by the lights dancing all over the inflatable balloons on the ceiling. The TreeHouse stage gave fans a more intimate set with a smaller crowd compared to the main stage performances. I also made a stop at the silent disco where I was able to switch headphones between two DJs playing. The interesting part is that no one knows which DJ you are listening to! If you are considering stage hopping, I would forewarn there is quite the distance between the furthest two stages, the Firefly Main Stage and the Lawn Stage, so be prepared to burn some calories! The neighboring stages are easier to manage but it’s still a task to bounce back and forth between them. Keeping an open mind is definitely key because anything can change your day at a festival. The best thing to do is embrace it and enjoy the moment!! Also, be sure to explore explore explore! There is so much to see and so many people to meet. You must stay hydrated and take breaks! There was an awesome hammock lounge surrounded by trees near the Thicket, but it is very popular and hard to find an open hammock! I would also suggest breaking off from your group at some point during the weekend to do your own thing and meet new people! Cell service is spotty so it’s best to have a meet up location at a certain time. The best ones are an identifiable object at a specific point. Ours was the tip of the infinity loop. I encourage everyone to be in the moment and stray from your phones as much as possible. Also promote positivity. People come from all over for various reasons. Be kind to one another! Spread smiles, check in with others, offer what you can! Discover a new favorite artist. Bring your experience back to the real world with you! Cover Image Background Photo Credit: Jeremy Asa (Our Text Was Added To Photo)

Coachella Fashion, Music, & Magic

Coachella Fashion, Music, & Magic 0

After attending Coachella on a whim for the first time four years ago, I have had severe FOMO whenever tickets go on sale every year since.  So now that I am fully recovered from my fourth Coachella, I am here to tell you about the fashion, the music, and the love that I encountered during the magic of weekend one. For me the excitement starts when I shop and plan out my outfits.  If we are being honest with one another, my shopping and planning is last minute and minimal, but exciting nonetheless.  When shopping for Coachella fashion, I look for pieces that I can supplement with things that I already have in my closet.  While my end goal is to pull together stylish looks, I also make comfort and functionality a priority.  A weekend in the desert is much more fun without blisters and sweat stains. Day one:  A flowy romper with platform sandals.  I found the romper at Forever 21 and chose it because I knew that it would be cool, comfortable, but still on trend.  I paired it with Coach platform sandals and a Brahmin crossbody bag that I already had in my closet.  I like taking a small bag into the festival so that it is effortless to carry throughout the day.

Get the "Fest Threads" look:
Day two:  A cotton dress with strappy leather sandals.  I bought the dress at American Eagle and chose it because I knew that it would be lightweight and breathable.  The sandals are Lucky Brand, and being soft leather I knew that they would stretch to keep me from getting blisters.  I wore the same Brahmin crossbody bag into the festival for day two.


Get the "Fest Threads" look:
Day three: A cotton crop top with highwaisted shorts.  I bought the crop top at Urban Outfitters to pair with shorts that I already had in my closet.  For day three I carried the Pisticci bag by Patricia Nash.  It is a bigger handbag than I would normally carry into the festival, but I wanted to have room for my Instax camera and a sweater for the late night performances.
Get the "Fest Threads" look:

Now that the fashion is covered, let’s get to the real reason why I love Coachella.  The music.  This year had a phenomenal lineup, and these performances were unforgettable.
  • My most anticipated performer: Ellie Goulding
  • My Coachella crush: James Bay
  • My favorite blast from the past: Pete Yorn
  • My favorite surprise artist: Sam Smith with Disclosure
  • Best Dressed: Sia
  • My Unexpected Favorite: Matt & Kim
  • The Most Magical Performance: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Beyond the fashion and music, the overall atmosphere is indescribable.  Whoever said that Disneyworld is the “happiest place on Earth” has clearly never been to Coachella.  Between my neighbors at the campground, girls in the shower line, and everyone in the crowds during the performances, I have never had anything but positive encounters.  The art, the stages, the ferris wheel, the balloons, it all seems like a daydream.  A three day long daydream. Needless to say, add Coachella to your bucket list because it never disappoints.  When you do go remember to wear sunscreen, never pay for ‘VIP” showers, and talk to strangers! Breathe it all in and love it all out! For more Coachella snaps and fashion inspo check out my IG page, The Paper Dolls. It's all about what we wear. when we work. where we go. how we play! 💕

the paper dolls
How to Host the Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Party

How to Host the Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Party 0

1) 3 Ingredient Crock Pot Tacos

3 ingredient tacos
Photo courtesy of Two Healthy Kitchens

These tacos are so easy to make, and lets not forget tasty! You can pair these effortless tacos with the best Mexican flavored soda, “Jarritos”, for the full Cinco de Mayo effect! Full recipe here.

2) Churro Cupcakes

Churro Cupcakes
Photo courtesy of Lady Behind The Curtain

This sweet treat is just what you need to end a fabulous Cinco De Mayo meal! Who doesn’t want to end their festivities with this cinnamon delight! Full recipe here.

3) Cactus Centerpiece

Cinco de mayo cactus centerpiece

Photo courtesy of Camille Styles and Nicole Mlakar

What we love most about Cinco de Mayo are homemade centerpieces. We cleaned out old Jalapeno jars, packed it with mulch, and planted our cactus, Wa-lah! You have fabulous center pieces! Check out the rest of this lovely party here.

4) Classic Margarita

classic margarita
Photo courtesy of Joyful Healthy Eats

Did you know that according to legend, a bartender in Mexico named Danny Herrera created this popular concoction for a picky customer who was "allergic" to all other spirits except for tequila but couldn't drink it straight. Shout out to Danny for whipping up the greatest cocktail known to man! Check out this classic margarita recipe here. If classic margs aren't your thing then take a peak at one of our other blogs.

5) Conchas (Mexican Sweet Bread)

Conchas (Mexican Sweet Buns) 11
Photo courtesy of Sprinkle Bakes

We are having a major sweet tooth and loving these color filled sweet treats! We made sure that we coated these yummy pastries with festive colors. Check out the recipe here.

6) Corona Centerpieces

Corona Centerpiece
Photo courtesy of Jacolyn Murphy

Do you have extra Corona bottles laying around? You can spiff them up with color watercolors and a beautiful set of colorful flowers for your centerpieces! Full instructions here.

7) Cinco De Mayo Photobooth

DIY Cinco de Mayo Photobooth
Photo courtesy of Ginger Snap Crafts

Want to liven up your Instagram timeline? This DIY Cinco De Mayo photo booth is your answer! With fun props and a Cinco De Mayo backdrop, you are sure to scene. Full instructions here.

8) Mexican Floral Headband

DIY Mexican Floral Headband
Photo courtesy of My Poppet Makes

We are still having Coachella fever!! These vibrant floral crowns are a must for Cinco de Mayo or any celebration/festival for that matter 🎉. Get the instructions for this exquisite statement headband here.

9) Taco Pinata

Photo courtesy of Studio DIY

What is Cinco De Mayo without a Pinata! This DIY Taco Pinata is sure to be a hit (no pun intended 😉)at your fiesta! Full instructions here.

10) Margarita Fruit Dip

Photo courtesy of Real Mom Kitchen

Everyone loves a good margarita, but have you ever heard of a margarita fruit dip?! Just as flavorful, except no hangover the next day 😜! Check out the recipe here.

11) Mexican Fruit Cups

Photo courtesy of Foodie Misadventures

Sugar, Spice, and everything nice! These spicy fruit cups will kick your party to the next notch! Who doesn’t love fruit assortments- with some added goodness! Check out this simple recipe here.

12) Mini Fruit Faux Pinatas Garland

Photo courtesy of Persia Lou

Are you looking for a simple and cute party favor? These mini fruit faux piñatas, are a cute way to tell your guest “Thank you” for partying! Click here for instructions.

13) Paper Fan Garland

Paper Fan Garland
Photo courtesy of The House That Lars Built

Décor is a must when hosting a holiday themed party! We love these simple-to-make fan garlands that can make any wall pop! Check out details here.

14) Paper Flowers

paper flowers

Photo courtesy of Frog Prince Paperie

Not only can you use the extra tomato/jalapeno cans for your cacti, but you can also use them as a vase for paper flowers (or even real flowers). Saving money + recycling = party host success. Paper flowers also make great decorations on walls or around doors. Check out the rest of this nifty party here.

15) Pinata Balloons

Pinata Balloons

Photo courtesy of All Free Holiday Crafts

A party is not complete without its’ own set of balloons! We have created the ultimate balloons that you can use for any occasion! Check out details here.

16) Roasted Poblano Corn Chowder

Photo courtesy of Simply Recipes

Whether you want to serve hors d'oeuvres or dinner at your Cinco de Mayo party, this fiesta in a bowl is a fantastic option! Bake up some Mexican cornbread with this and you've got the perfect party sit down meal! Full recipe here.

17) Tequila Flight

Tequila Flight
Photo courtesy of Celebrations At Home Blog

What is Cinco De Mayo without Tequila! This is the game changers of all parties. Once your guests are done eating, and the piñata is gone- it’s time for tequila! Check out the rest of this party here.

18) Crock Pot Margarita Chicken Dip

Photo courtesy of Dip Recipe Creations

If I go to a party and there is no dip, we're gonna have some serious problems 😂! Lol jk. But to be honest, aside from hanging with friends, dips are my favorite part of parties.  This spiked margarita dip is the quintessential Cinco de Mayo party dip! Full recipe here. Related Links:

10 On Trend Music Festival Outfits

10 On Trend Music Festival Outfits 0

Attending a music festival is not just a trip, it’s an experience of a lifetime. Long after the sun burn fades and you’ve packed your bandanas away, you’ll always have those memories that will always seem to play when you hear that one special headliner song. “Festival” is an understatement to describe these events, because they’re more like a musical paradise with good vibes, great people, delicious food, and of course, amazing fashion. Music festivals hold a very special dress code that screams: fun, free, and fabulous! Many music festivals, such as Coachella, double as fashion shows as paparazzi vie to snap hot celebs sporting unbelievably edgy outfits and dreamy dresses.  Do you have a festival marked on your calendars? Don’t worry girl, Fest Threads has the best music festival outfits to help you slay at each set!

1. Flower Child Fringe Top + Moon River Lace Pants

zwarte-top-met-lace-en-franjesp2022_1_1 Remember the cardinal rules of festival fabric ladies: fringe, lace, and crochet! This fringe top and lace pants are a better pair than vodka and orange juice. These flirty pieces perfectly veil your body while still showing off some skin. You’ll definitely steal attention from the headliners in this sheer ensemble.

2. Daydreamer Kimono + Woodstock Flashback Tank Top + Find Me in Fringe Skirt

kimono-con-estampado-cachemir-azul-y-bajo-asimetrico (4)15WDST042WAs2094_1_1 Like the cream and cherry on top, a breezy fun kimono can make or break an outfit. Look absolutely stunning in this kimono cardigan with wide sleeves, light fabric, and alluring paisley print. Unlike a cardigan that clings to skin in heat (you really don’t need any more sweat in this kind of weather), kimonos flow as effortlessly as the wind. Rock out in a completely classic festival look with a tribute to Woodstock, the most legendary music festival ever, and suede fringe skirt, because choosing between fringe and suede is possibly the hardest decision ever.

3. Wild Spirit Kimono + Reggae Fusion Tie Dye Cami Top + Endless Summer Denim Shorts

music festival kimonos125tdb_5dr4038_1_1 Shout out to Katy Perry, because gurl got it right, California girls are unforgettable! While we soak up some sun and tunes at our favorite festivals, we look damn good doing it in fashionable basics. Although this tie dye cami is anything basic with it’s menagerie of colors and these distressed denim shorts are an absolute essential to any summer wardrobe. Wrap it all together with this gorgeous delicate black crochet kimono.

4. Gypsy Soul Crochet Jumpsuit

music festival outfit crochet jumpsuit Can you imagine cream white, crochet, and sexy all at the same time? Well you just found it here! Spoil your body with this flirty all-over crochet one piece with bell bottoms that flaunt and accentuate your legs. This jumpsuit traces your curves for a sultry voluptuous look. No wonder why the 70’s were so “hip!” (;

5. Woodstock Celestial  Skies Tank TopCosmic Cowgirl Skirt

15WDST001WD Celestial-Photosts6484_1_1_1 Gaze into the psychedelic Woodstock dimension with this teal celestial print tank top. A light and soft tank top is always a good idea when rocking out at a hot festival (your shoulders will thank you). What’s a bad girl’s best friend? Faux leather of course. Express your inner bad babe with a sexy black pleather mini-skirt, complete with festive fringe.

6. Woodstock Americana Tank TopFestival Tassel Shorts

15WDST002WS Americanap1986_1_1 Are you ready to party like it’s 1969?! Relive history in this heather gray tank that pays homage to the legendary music and arts festival, Woodstock, where the crowd partied so hard it ran an extra day! This cute piece features a patriotic print that will resonate with any party lover. Pair with cute cream shorts that are easy to get around in but are also fashionably elite with adorable tassel detail.

7. Desert Child Romper

music festival outfits Show off your shoulders in this printed little crowd-pleaser! Rompers are seriously your BFF at any event that involves dancing and looking fly AF. This gorgeous one piece features a navy blue tribal print, layered detail, and super cute and ultra comfy tulip hem shorts.

8. Techno Tribal Jumpsuit

music festival jumpsuit You really can’t go wrong with summer’s right-hand partner, tribal print. This loud undeniable print flows throughout with an overlapping V-neckline and elastic waistband for a flirty yet comfy fit. The magic of a jumpsuit is you can pretty much do cartwheels and splits without having to worry about anyone seeing anything they shouldn’t!

9. Desert Valley Dress

std19952_1_1 You don’t have to save this iconic print only for bandanas, because this dress captures your desert dreams! The criss-cross front is fiercely feminine for a flirty and flattering look with an easy-going shift shape. This red cutie is absolutely perfect for a festival princess.

10. Blue Boho Babe Maxi Dress

std10063_1_1 Your friends won’t have to look at the clouds to dream when they can just look at you! This fun and free maxi dress drapes over you effortlessly and features a beautiful light blue and turquoise tie dye print. Maxis are easy to manage as you sweep across the festival, while looking boho chic!