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4 Essential Tips & Tricks to Surviving Coachella Music Festival

4 Essential Tips & Tricks to Surviving Coachella Music Festival
coachella music festival skyline It’s finally almost the weekend you’ve been waiting and dreaming for! For two weekends in April, Coachella, the utopic festival of music and art, graces the scenic Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. With the iconic mighty Ferris wheel and classic SoCal palm trees lining the watercolor yellow-orange skyline, Coachella is truly a breath-taking sight. It’s all about fun, freedom, and good vibes. With so many things to see, do, and hear, it’s not hard to lose yourself in paradise. However, three days of partying actually takes a lot of work! Before you pack your car and hit the road for Coachella Valley, let’s take some time to prepare so you maximize your festival experience. Here are some tips and tricks I learned from attending Coachella music festival last year.

1) Don’t Stay Thirsty, My Friends

Don’t listen to The Most Interesting Man in the World on this one and keep hydrated! Did you know the human body is over 50% water? Yas girl yas, so make sure to constantly keep hydrated! Between dancing, walking, and exploring, you’re going to exert a lot of energy in hot weather. There are a few water refill stations so make sure to bring your favorite reusable water bottle. Electrolyte drinks and supplements such as Gatorade and Pedialyte can also help you prevent dehydration.


2) First Aid, Toilet Paper & Baby Wipes

Okay party animals, aside from the booze, you’re going to need party supplies of a different kind. It’s time for the less glamorous side of Coachella. Make sure that at least one person in your camp has a first aid kit. You never know what kind of cuts and booboos you’ll get at a festival. Imagine chilling on a field at a stage, when the dry grass beneath you decides to not so delicately kiss your booty. Neosporin can be your best friend. Also, bring toilet paper and as odd as it sounds, baby wipes. With thousands of festival attendees, it’s more common than not that the port-o-potty you’re going to use will be downright grody. (Eww!) Share your coveted roll of toilet paper with a stranger and make a new friend!

3) Bring The Right Wardrobe

At last all the fringe, high-waisted shorts, and sunhats you have stowed away will finally see the light of day and you’re scrambling to string the last piece to your flower crown. Although most of you have probably planned what you’re going to wear months in advance, it’s important to keep in mind that this festival runs from day to night and it can get really cold. Brrr! Bring layers to throw on when the sun sets so you don’t freeze! Also be sure to pack a bandana or two. These little babies aren’t just badass looking, but also protect your lungs from inhaling dust. Believe me, these fields are just as dusty as they are gorgeous.

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4) Plan Your Schedule with Your Squad

There are so many amazing artists at Coachella Music Festival, you definitely need to plan ahead of time to make sure you see everyone and everything! Some overlapping will be inevitable since there are quite a few stages, lots of activity tents and booths, and delicious food stands that will make your mouth water. There’s group yoga, arts and crafts, and did I mention haircuts? Yes, there is even a Beauty Bar! Many tents will have freebies and even full air-conditioning! So make the most of your wristband and plan set times and downtime as early as possible! Establish meeting points and times with your friends! Hint: Signal can be spotty in large crowds so add the time after each text, so your friends will know when you actually sent the text.

 happy coachella

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